The Trio Story

Our story begins with four childhood friends who grew up in Dearborn and remember a time when food was made fresh using the finest ingredients.  Yet, somehow along the way to adulthood healthy eating was lost.  Today's food is either frozen, processed and/or full of preservatives.  Inspired by our childhood, we wanted to go back to the days when we ate foods that had identifiable ingredients made with our mothers’ love. We focused on our favorite three foods, pizza, wraps and fresh tossed salads. Hence Trio. Our desire to create the best in all three begins with a wood-fired pizza, using Contandino flour.  Our pizza sauce is made from scratch using only Sam Marzano Italian tomatoes, fresh basil and pure olive oil.   Or choose our white or pesto sauce all made in house with a chef's touch.

A great salad begins with fresh cut lettuce and fresh vegetables and a variety of fresh toppings. Topped with eight choices of house dressings and tossed with a variety of proteins and selections to make it a meal.

Our love for wraps is the one that leads us to our most desired. Falafel the vegetarian delicacy made from scratch along with our, in-house made, pickles and sauces.

Our mission is to bring quality back to these beloved staples, Trio Eats carefully crafts the perfect, hand tossed, wood fired Neapolitan pizzas, salads and wraps. We created Trio Eats as a place where craft cuisine and a family friendly atmospheres reign supreme. The perfect blend of ingenuity, integrity and value.  Our menu brings a uniquely Middle Eastern touch and flair to combine the three to be celebrated and enjoyed to the highest standards.  Combine that with a celebrated setting and the result is irresistibly delicious.



Home of the Keto Pizza 


Meeting Our standards of excellence is what makes the difference.

Our mission is to bring quality back to these beloved staples.  


What actual customers are saying

Love this place! Amazing food!  Falafel is amazing.  Pizza was great as well, all the ingredients tasted so fresh. Customer service was also great, everyone was so welcoming and nice.

/  Reem H., Hamilton, Canada  /

"Excellent pizza and best I've had in a long time. According to chef Z, everything is made from scratch and  ingredients used are of the highest quality to give our pizza that distinctive fresh taste. I would definitely go back again and would highly recommend it.

/  MO M., Dearborn, MI  /